About Us

Webmadness Ltd, a long established web development, management and hosting company, was started in the UK in 2004 by English entrepreneur Claire Haas. Recognising the need for an affordable professional solution for the smaller business Claire began offering her web deveplompent and management skills on a virtual basis.

At less than half the price of its office based competitiors Webmadness rapidly grew in to a solid virtual business and now services websites around the world.

21st Century Business Thinking

Claire says:

"It's success comes from a 21st Century way of business thinking. Having a business premises is a cost that I would have to pass on to my customers. A virtual business such as this does not need a physical premises to succeed. It just needs a good product backed by a high level of knowledge and excellent customer service."

Knowledge Is Key - Content Is King

Claire's web knowledge lies not only with web design, development and hosting but also in search engine optimisation. Having a website is one thing but if it's not built to the required specifications set by the likes of Google then it just will not work for you. All of Claire's websites rank highly in Google for their relevant search terms.

Customer Testimonials

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